Best Movies & TV Shows to Watch on Video Hulu/Prime 11-12 June 2022

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With the weather already feeling like a dog’s summer day and students coming out of school for a complete break, viewers who stay indoors to beat the heat or travel the holidays have plenty of entertainment for Hulu and Prime Video. Both digital platforms have launched stunning television series and movies into their growing libraries, with a number of titles added during the month of June. And CBR is here to help you narrow down what to watch this weekend, from new blockbuster movies to old classics that are worth reviewing.

That’s all the biggest and best TV shows and movies to watch on Prime Video and Hulu this weekend because June 2022 is just around the corner, from fun reality series to cinematic favorites available for streaming.

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No Time to Die Gives Daniel Craig the Last Bow

After completing the revitalization of the James Bond cinematic franchise in 2006, actor Daniel Craig made his final appearance as a British spy in the 2021 film. There is No Time to Die, now streaming on Prime Video. As the culmination of Craig’s reign celebrated as 007, the film takes Bond out of his own retirement for his final mission to save this world. Join Craig as other favorite ensemble performers, including Naomie Harris as Eve Moneypenny and Jeffrey Wright as Felix Leiter.

From an explosive battle through sleepy Italian streets to a stunning climax against the evil Safin Rami Malek, There is No Time to Die Craig’s Bond ends run on a high note. Honoring the franchise’s revered history while delivering Craig’s Bond in signature style, There is No Time to Die it’s a bold entry for a film series. And after starring in five films as 007, Craig may just keep his best performance in the role for last, with a shockingly emotional finish for his time as a character.

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Free Life or Die Hard Brings John McClane Into the 21st Century

While on Angel matine the franchise has been a rollercoaster of different movie qualities, one of the best sequels being that Live Free or Die Hard. Released more than a decade after its ancestor, the 2007 film proves that star Bruce Willis can still be an action movie hero. And it’s generally set during Independence Day weekend in Washington, DC, Live Free or Die Hard a perfect summer popcorn movie to sit back and enjoy.

Police detective John McClane was tasked with bringing the hackers to federal custody in DC, only to stumble upon a terrorist plot targeting the state’s cyber security vulnerabilities. As McClane squares off against the evil organization, the estranged daughter finds herself drawn into conflict. Now available for streaming on Hulu, Live Free or Die Hard it might be a more fitting ending for Willis fans ’favorite hero and proof of the franchise’s continued relevance.

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American Ninja Warrior is Back for the New Season

One reality competition series that has been a television staple for years Ninja Soldier, pitting contestants through a daring set of physical challenges and obstacles. American variation, by title American Ninja Soldier, premiered in 2009 and began moving to NBC, with Hulu streaming episodes after the broadcast premiere. The 14th and most recent season premiered this summer, with a pool of new contestants prepared to take on a complex obstacle course.

American Ninja Soldier puts its contestants through a qualifying round, with qualifying participants tackling certainly the right obstacles to prove their agility and strength. The event travels to different cities to test athletes from each locale each week, gathering teams of the best players to test their strength on the rugged Midoriyama Mountain. While the audience stays cool inside, American Ninja Soldier providing a spectacle of grueling competition pushing contestants to the Absolute limit.

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Galaxy Quest Blasts Off in Prime Video

Star Trek has solidified its place in pop culture history and gained many loyal fans, with its 1999 comedy film Galaxy Quest slowly poking fun at its legacy. The following cast of the cult classic science fiction series is similar Star Trek, Galaxy Quest has a washed-up actor kidnapped by aliens who mistake the character’s television adventures as factual. Desperate to get help against real -life alien warlords, the actors discover the truth is more bizarre than fiction because they have to save the day.

Led by Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver and Alan Rickman in a fan-favorite performance as Galaxy QuestThe main cast, the film continued for the next twenty years. Part of Galaxy Quest‘s timeless charm is that while it skewers the nature of television sci-fi and fandom, hilarity never comes from a particularly mean-spirited place. For a sci-fi comedy that has a sense of humor about itself as a subject, Galaxy Quest is the perfect film to revisit this weekend on Prime Video.

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Fairfax Gets Season 2 Premiere Early

Prime Video’s first adult -oriented original animation series is Fairfax, which premiered last year on the streaming service. When it was originally scheduled to air in late June, Fairfax The Season 2 debut has been moved until this weekend to provide viewers with a new look at the fate of the characters. And if Season 1 is any indicator, the animated series will get even wilder as it returns for a new season.

Set on the eponymous Los Angeles streets, four high schools scheme for easy and fast becoming popular in the heart of the City of Angels. Raise the voice of all the stars, Fairfax puts the quartet through endless teenage antics, with plenty of social satire clearly laced into the process. Fame, in this era of viral sensations and internet influencers, is a quick and short -lived endeavor, and Fairfax feels like saying up that with lots of laughs and winks to the audience along the way.