David Cronenberg Encourages Watching at Home

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David Cronenberg as the king of big screen body horror and its latest release, Crimes of the Futureallow him to use the skill to the fullest – and then some.

The story takes place in the not -too -distant future when the body has adapted to a man -made synthetic environment. Many have such an “accelerated evolution syndrome” Viggo MortensenSaul Tenser’s body continues to grow new organs. While these evolutionary changes are not generally accepted, there are communities that embrace the art form. In the case of Saul, Caprice’s partner (Léa Seydoux) removing these new organs surgically in front of a crowd is a performing art.


with Crimes of the Future now playing in theaters, I got the opportunity to talk to Cronenberg about his experience developing his work through this new film. Again, Cronenberg is quite famous for his extensive and beautiful use of makeup and prosthetic effects, but he also emphasizes the importance of advances in digital effects as well. She explains:

“The visual effects have come in nicely and really well, and it’s just an amazing tool. Of course I’ve used it in the past. Even our eXistenZ created some really CG creatures, but now it’s cheap, quickly realized, and experimental. And some tools in Sarc for example, we are made physically and they become masterminds, but in other scenes where we can’t do masterminds, they are done CG and they are based on what we made physically, and they’re. so good you really can’t tell the difference. It’s really pretty outside “It’s ordinary, and it’s very affordable! It gives you freedom about how you set up the camera and what the actors can do. It’s amazing.”

Though it seems like Cronenberg has a strong purpose for the film and how to achieve it, Crimes of the Future doesn’t mark a one-of-a-kind production that demands actors take a bold swing of tackling extremely unique material. During the press conference for the film, Kristen Stewart even admits, “We, the actors, spend every day after work like, ‘What are we doing?’ But then I watched the movie yesterday and it became very clear to me.

Cronenberg joined with Crimes of the Future star Scott Speedman during our chat, I chose to ask him if he had had the same experience as Stewart; did he ever wonder “what the fuck am I doing” while on set? Thus he says:

“Honestly, the film is exactly what I wanted to watch and watch. I feel like I know what it’s talking about, but you immerse yourself in this world until there’s nothing ridiculous or different or futuristic or whatever, and it becomes normal. You have to be normal. so you can play the scene.So watching a movie, it’s a relief for what we were doing for those six or seven weeks in Greece appearing on screen for me as an actor.Everywhere in my career, it’s really amazing because it doesn’t happen at all.Often there is a difference great between what you think and what you will do on screen and this is a great joy for this film for me.

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Cronenberg jumped at the chance to fight Stewart’s thoughts about his own work, and also revealed what he said to the actor who was concerned that he didn’t know what he was doing:

“I’ve heard from a lot of actors, in fact, they admit to me, ‘I really don’t know what I’m doing.’ And I said, ‘This is great. Just do what you don’t know, because he knows what he’s doing. And Christians really know what they’re doing, if they don’t realize it. And honestly, this is like life, isn’t it? my life, I could look around and say, ‘What am I doing,’ and I didn’t know. what they do.

When an unforgettable picture on Crimes of the Future it’s something one might enjoy seeing on the big screen, Cronenberg has mentioned that he has no preference for how to watch this film. In fact, this mentality was even applied in some previous films such as 1975 Gemeter and 1977 Rabid.

“Even far from Shivers and Rabid, the first two types of commercial films, I certainly know that more people will see it on television than on the big screen. Even because there was a release, it was in theaters, after that, it was on television and I made sure , because in those days, 4×3 television screens, they were very square, but we took a bigger screen, so.I made sure that the films were framed in a way that they could be shown on television and still no one deranged about framing and composition.So for me , this is nothing new.I assume that more people will see Future Crime on an Apple Watch than they will see in a big theater.

After acknowledging that I really find watching movies on iPads particularly immersive, Cronenberg added:

“Like reading a book! You have it here. It’s here. It fills the field of vision. What is the problem? If the resolution and color and sound are good, that’s great! And for me, it’s still considered a cinematic experience. I think that’s where the cinema is going. I think that cinema, there will be less of them. He’s going to be a special place that’s just special, just a Marvel movie, I’m not sure, is going to be shown there, and we’re going to watch it on a private screen.

Find out more from Cronenberg and Speedman in the making of it Crimes of the Future? You can watch our full conversation in the video interview at the top of this article!