Russia invasion LIVE: Ukraine estimates that some 32,000 Russian soldiers have died since the attacks began in February

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Local penghuni walking over the shadows of a residential building damaged by a Russian military attack in Severodonetsk

The Ukrainian Chief Intelligence Authority advised that Russia has not renounced the total conquest of the country despite the fact that it is now concentrated in the toma of the east and south.

Up to 300,000 tons of grain were destroyed as a result of an attack by Russian troops against warehouses in Mykolaiv, in the Black Sea, according to information from the Ukrainian Ministry of Agriculture, published by the portal Ukrinform.

The Ukrainian Minority Prosecutor’s Office says at least 287 children have been killed and 492 injured in attacks carried out in Russia eliminating attacks in Ukraine and ending in February.

European Commission (CE) president Ursula Von Der Leyen hailed Ukraine’s “determination” and effort since her request in March to join the European Union and confirmed that The Community Executive will present at the end of next week the recommendation on whether Ukraine should be a candidate country for EU accession.

Then, minute by minute of the invasion of Russia and Ukraine (Ukraine time, GMT+3):

Sunday 12 June:

5:30: Powerful national security chiefs, main propagandists and hard line parliamentarians are instigating radical changes in the education system, while the Ministry of Education goes to a second plan.

Investigation of Washington Post has revealed there are Russian maestros as convincing first -line soldiers in an information war designed to mold children into militarized nationalist laws.

Schools have been ordered to offer “patriotic” classes when the Kremlin’s line on the war is being repeated, and professors who have been fired have been fired. The textbooks are purged of almost all references to Ukraine and its capital, Kiev.

4:15: Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky sets a Russian record for war in Ukraine in the amount of 32,000 US dollars.and said that the Donbas region would not suffer from the Russian attack.

“Do you remember how Russia was hoping to capture all of the Donbas in early May? It is the 108th day of the war, in June, and the Donbas is suffering, ”the Ukrainian mandate said in a daily message to Ukrainian citizens.questioning the effectiveness of Russia’s change of priorities, which last April 19 confirmed that it would be centered on “the total liberation of the republics of Donetsk and Lugansk”.

Zelensky said the losses suffered by Russian troops were significant, including in the Donbas region, and lamented that “no one can say now how long this gold rush will last on the part of Russia”.

Ukrainian troops continue to fight in the Donbas region
Ukrainian troops continue to fight in the Donbas region

3:10: At night, President Volodimir Zelensky is paired with the ucranianos military liberando gradualmente in the region de la región Kherson.

“Today the town of Tavriiske has been added to the list of liberated settlements. There are also some advances in the Zaporizhzhia region ”.

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