Saratoga Springs beat Shaker 7-4 in 12 innings to win the first game of the Class AA title series

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TROY – In another year, Wednesday night’s conclusion at Bruno Stadium will see one Division II Class AA baseball excited about winning and the other pain of suffering a defeat at the end of the season. Wednesday taut trauma between No. 4 Seed Shaker and No. 7 Saratoga Springs differently.

In the debut of the best winner series of 3 for the Class II AA Tournament only, the winners and losers will return on Friday for another contest. It can be difficult for both Suburban Council squads to deliver more than the first game available.

In what turned out to be an epic struggle, Saratoga Springs finally came out on top with a run in the 12th inning when junior midfielder Owen Redick, who kept the Blue Streaks alive by cutting the winning potential in the eighth round by throwing a plate, was sent off. A single RBI to the middle. The Blue Streaks went on to score three more times to secure a 7-4 victory against Shaker.

Saratoga Springs senior Nate Rodriguez was forced to leave the sixth game with an arm injury. He was replaced by senior reliever Xavier Garcia. Sophomore Mateo Avila later took over for Garcia with no out in the eight and finished it to collect the victory.

The Blue Streaks took the lead in the top of the second while Redick walked in and moved to third in a turn by Charles DeRizzo. Redick scored the first half of the game when Ryan Bates did a balk.

In the sixth, DeRizzo made it 2-0 with one RBI on the left and Michael Mack followed with a double run-scoring when the last batter faced Bates.

Junior reliever Joe Trombley replaced Bates and struck out Ben McKinley for a sixth escape. In the bottom of the inning, the Blue Bison scored three times. Shaker cut the deficit to 3-2 with a two-pointer by Andrew Alexander. Trombley (12 strikeouts) later drove in a binding run at the fielder’s choice.

Trombley proved masterful when he mowed down the Blue Streaks inning after inning after taking over for Bates, who were committed to the next pitch at Siena College. Trombley attacked the side in the seventh and ninth rounds. Junior, however, was tired at 12. Redick ended Trombley’s outing with one RBI on the left to give the Blue Streaks the lead. DeRizzo followed with a single scoring left run against reliever Tommy Case.

Avila hit the dough and ran one. An error allowed an undefeated run to score, but the second class ended when he got Anthony Rizzo to pop up to senior first baseman Patrick Deschaine in the wrong area.

Saratoga Springs (17-7) finished with 10 hits, including four by DeRizzo. Shaker (14-9) managed just five hits.