10 Anime Beach Episodes That Are Not Just Fans Of Fan Service

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Anime fans are familiar with the tropes that are often seen in the medium, and the beach episode is one of them. No matter how serious the anime sounds, it can find a flimsy reason to let its character trip to the beach for a single episode just to show off some misplaced fan service shots of the female character.

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Many anime use beach episodes as fillers, but some stories turn the trope to their advantage. Instead of using the beach episode as an opportunity to showcase the female actors, there are anime that naturally create an important story pounding in the episode that makes them an important part of the overall narrative.

10 Rikka Takanashi Has Heavy Weighing Her (Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions)

Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions is a comedy with a sweet underlying romantic tone. So, it’s no surprise that the beach episode in the first season naturally has a similar tone. However, it also has a real impact on the future of Rikka Takanashi’s story.

While beloved characters like Shinka Nibutani and Sanae Dekomori are goofing as expected, viewers are given some insight into Rikka’s childhood. It turns out that not everyone can accept chunibyo’s personality, and this revelation eventually serves as a prelude to challenges that need to be addressed later.

9 Shinya Yukimura And Ayame Himuro Prove Their Love With Science (Science Of Falling In Love, So I Try To Prove It)

Shinya Yukimura And Ayame Himuro are clearly in love, but their scientific brains must be 100% convinced before they can act. This unorthodox premise eventually led the group to a beach trip that serves as the culmination of the first season.

It lasted for several episodes and showed the character taking part in various experiments, such as close contact experiments while wearing swimsuits. By the time the beach arc is over, the couple has found the perfect romantic mood and exponentially progresses their relationship by sharing their first kiss.

8 Class 3-E Kids Just Pretend to Enjoy the Beach (Murder Room)

Beach episodes are usually used to make viewers unhappy with undressed female characters, but this is not going to happen. Murder Class. The goal of class 3-E is to kill the most powerful Koro-sensei before making a promise to destroy this world.

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Instead of actually enjoying the sun and sand during the summer holidays, the class used leisure activities like scuba diving and hang gliding as a clever shroud to hide the real plan. The most complicated assassination attempt on Koro-sensei yet.

7 Haruhi Suzumiya Has An Elaborate Plan In Mind For The SOS Brigade (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)

Trying to predict what Haruhi Suzumiya will do next is a fool’s errand. That’s why when the SOS brigade went to the beach, they would have assumed that they were doing nothing.

The group stays in a remote island villa, but soon a storm closes the island, and the host dies in mysterious circumstances. Kyon and his friends finish settling the case before realizing that the whole show is a game made by Haruhi herself.

6 Akito Sohma Feels Forced to Spoil Tohru Honda Beach Holiday (Fruit Basket)

Tohru Honda and the Sohma family move to a beach villa for a relaxing holiday that allows the characters to relax. They go for a swim, set off fireworks on the beach, and Tohru describes what he and the Sohma family have been through. However, it didn’t take long for the trip to turn sour.

Viewers receive their first clues about the story of Tohru’s unknown father. In addition, the ugly Akito Sohma comes to Tohru’s dismay by telling him that Sohma’s family will always be tied to him, no matter what he does.

5 Takeo Gouda And Rinko Yamato Just Get Sweeter When Visiting The Beach (My Love Story !!)

Love can take many forms, and the sweet romance of Takeo Gouda and Rinko Yamato is one example. Some anime couples are just as sweet and clean, and this is shown in full when the audience sees that Takeo is reluctant to think about his irrelevant thoughts about his girlfriend while on the beach.

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Meanwhile, Rinko can’t stop thinking about Takeo and does his best to use the beach trip as an opportunity to get closer to him. This resulted in an episode with many romantic moments that fueled the relationship.

4 The Relationship Becomes Clearer As Reality Begins to Appear (Toradora)

Beach episode from Toradora shows off the main cast in most swimwear, but serves as a backdrop for more important developments. Minori Kushieda denies Ryuuji Takasu’s feelings, but mysteriously reveals that he knows more than he does.

Later, the group takes on the challenge of exploring the terrifying cave they created, bringing Taiga Aisaka and Ryuuji closer than they had before traveling to the beach. Lastly, seeing the real side for a particular character is a big step for these high school students.

3 Marin Kitagawa Brings Wakana Gojo Into The Light (My Dress-Up Darling)

Wakana Gojo has not experienced many of the recreational activities that are usually done by children of his age. However, when Marin Kitagawa bursts into his life like the rays of the sun, everything changes. When the two visited a nearby beach after the exam, it wasn’t an excuse for fan service. However, they just enjoy their time together.

Gojo and Marin were eating and laughing about the strange seagull. Gojo even first experienced the taste of sea water. As the cherry on top, Marin turned red all over because he was so overwhelmed by his love for her.

2 Eren Yeager Thinks About a Dangerous Future (Attack On Titan)

When the Survey Corps finally saw the ocean with his own eyes, he was shocked. Armin Arlert realized his dream, Levi Ackerman displayed a hilarious level of caution, and the rest of the team had to let go and act his age a refreshing change of pace after being physically and mentally exhausted for so long.

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However, Eren Yeager could not relax. He points to the country of Marley crossing the ocean and thinks whether killing them will lead to true freedom.

1 Banri Tada And Kouko Kaga Travel To The Beach As A Series Of Unfortunate Events (Golden Time)

The beach episode just didn’t have as much of an impact as it did Golden Age. Banri Tada, Kouko Kaga, and their friends had no luck when they went to the beach. Some people were late, traffic was delaying their journey, and a storm was waiting for them when they arrived.

They do their best and enjoy themselves regardless, but it gets worse from there. Kouko fell asleep while driving the group back home, leading him to a car accident with lasting consequences.


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