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CADIZ – Aaron Foldi won’t try to re -invent the wheel at Harrison Central.

The 24 -year -old just wants to add his own style to the foundations he already has in the Huskies basketball program.

Foldi was officially recruited as the new Harrison Central boys basketball coach on Thursday afternoon during a special meeting of the Harrison Hills Board of Education. He took over for Justin Clifford, who had a very successful 12 years as head coach, but resigned as Athletic Director at St. Louis. Clairsville earlier this month.

“I’m definitely very excited and happy with this opportunity,” he said. ujare Foldi. “Honestly like I was in Cloud 9 when I knew I was getting a job. It was really exciting to hear the positive feedback from the various people I teach in Indian Creek and also the people from the Harrison Central community who welcomed me. I look forward to getting started. .

Along with his coaching duties, Foldi, who spent the past school year teaching and coaching at Indian Creek, was recruited as a K-6 intervention specialist at Harrison Central.

Foldi graduated from Indian Creek in 2016 and was a four -year mainstay for the Redskins and head coach Joe Dunlevy.

“Coach Dunlevy has had a huge impact on me in terms of basketball and personally,” he said. ujare Foldi. “He’s been like a second dad to me. He taught me about the mentality and made people buy the program. It’s the stuff I want to bring to Harrison Central.

After a preparatory career, he attended Franciscan University in Steubenville and played two seasons under coach Joe Wallace.

After retiring from his playing career, Foldi got his first coaching taste. He is looking forward to the 2018-19 season as a junior university coach at Steubenville Catholic Central. He returned to Franciscan, as a senior in college, and worked as a student assistant to the Baron.

“A lot of my coaching philosophy is surrounded by a lot that Coach Wallace believes in Franciscan,” he said. ujare Foldi. “He asks players to give 110% and play blue collar style basketball. But, off the field, he really creates a positive environment for student athletes.

Foldi got his first taste at Harrison Central in 2020-21 when he taught students at the school and worked at Clifford that season.

“Working on Justin during this season has had a huge impact on me,” ujare Foldi. “He has a culture, and I want to build what he’s made of my own style.”

After accepting a teaching job at Creek, Foldi worked at Dunlevy last season.

In addition to working at Dunlevy with the men’s basketball team, Foldi also coached the Redskins men’s football last season. This is his first start in football.

“I’ve never played football and before last season, I never coached football.” Foldi admitted. “However, it was a great experience because it taught me how to deal with adversity, which is a big part of coaching, and it can be a sports coach that I’ve never done before.”

Since Foldi isn’t too far from his time at Harrison Central, he won’t be entering a meeting with a new player with a blind next week.

“Most guys know me, but I want to meet him and fulfill my expectations for the summer and what to expect as the season progresses,” he said. ujare Foldi.

Foldi will be assisted by Donnie Madzia, who has worked at Clifford the last few seasons. Madzia was the Huskies head coach for a long time when the school opened and actually led the program to become the only district title in boys basketball.

“I’m excited to be back in the Harrison Central community,” ujare Foldi.

“I feel blessed to inherit these talented athletes who have a good work ethic. I was really looking forward to getting started.

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