Cheapest air fryers from Lakeland, Currys, AO and Wayfair that can save energy bills

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One of the most sought after kitchen gadgets of 2022, the air fryer can also help you save on energy bills.

With the cost-of-living crisis continuing to cause concern for families across the UK, we’ve seen the best ways to save money on household appliances as part of the Your Money Matters campaign.

Suitable for people trying to consume fewer calories, the air fryer simulates deep frying without putting food in oil.

The fan in the air fryer circulates hot air quickly, creating the best crispy texture and preserving a lot of good nutrients.

How to reduce energy bills

Cheapest air fries from Currys, Lakeland and Wayfair

The air fryer oven is smaller, more energy and time efficient than a full size oven and because you can fry, bake, bake and bake, you can also eliminate the need for a stove.

Here are some of the cheapest air fryers on the market right now from some of the biggest brands out there including Lakeland, Wayfair, Currys and more.

Wayfair 2L Air Fryer

With a 23%discount, this air fryer is a mini oven that quickly cooks everything from chips to grilled vegetables.

It has a temperature range that can be adjusted between 80-200C.

The capacity of the 2L basket means you have plenty of space and there is even a non-stick and self-contained lining to help you eat every time.

Earn your money £ 31.05 through the Wayfair website.

Currys LOGIC LAF21 Air Fryer – Black & Silver

Kidderminster Shuttle: LOGIC LAF21 Air Fryer - Black & Silver.  Credit: CurryLOGIK LAF21 Air Fryer – Black & Silver. Credit: Curry

With six pre -set functions, it’s no easier to prepare chicken or cake with the LOGIC LAF21 Air Fryer.

Having a cool touch handle means oven gloves are a thing of the past and with a non -stick lining and a removable basket, you just have to wipe it off instead of spending a lifetime cleaning the appliance.

Pick it up for £ 39.99 through the Currys website.

Wayfair 5 L Family Digital Touchscreen Air Fryer

The Digital Touchscreen Air Fryer comes with ten preset programs and is available to make dinner faster and easier.

This nice little device is very easy to use for beginners because it comes with a smart LED display where you can adjust the cooking time, temperature and heat preservation time.

Sold with a 17% discount at £ 58.25 and also available with a payment plan via the Wayfair website.

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AO Breville Easy Clean Digital VDF108 Fryer – White

This affordable white air fryer has a capacity of 1kg which is suitable for small or medium houses.

In addition, all of these components are dishwasher safe, so it has the added bonus of being very easy to keep clean.

Take it home for £ 63 via the AO website.

Currys POWER AIRFRYER XL Health Fryer – 3.2 Liter, Black

Kidderminster Shuttle: Currys POWER AIRFRYER XL Health Fryer - 3.2 liters, black.  Credit: CurryCurrys POWER AIRFRYER XL Health Fryer – 3.2 Liter, Black. Credit: Curry

The Power AirFryer XL PAFBK3.2L Health Fryer uses almost no oil, producing some of your favorite fried foods with up to 80% less fat.

With a capacity of 3.2 liters, the frying pan heats up to 400 ° F and uses super hot cyclone air with six cooking functions.

Add it to your cart for £ 64.99 via the Currys website.

4.5 L Digital Hot Air Fryer

The black and silver models are here to make tea time easier and more convenient.

It also has a 60 -minute timer, LCD display and digital control panel for easy use.

Available for £ 72.37 is a 44% discount or can be paid through a payment plan via the Wayfair website.

Lakeland Digital Compact Air Fryer

Kidderminster Shuttle: Lakeland Digital Compact Air Fryer.  Credit: LakelandLakeland Digital Compact Air Fryer. Credit: Lakeland

Suitable for smaller kitchens and perfect for couples, this compact digital air fryer fries up to 450g of healthier chips with just one teaspoon of oil.

It comes with a Lakeland 3 year guarantee included and five pre -programmed functions including poultry, steak or meat, bakes, fresh fries and vegetables, frozen fries and vegetables.

Take it home for £ 74.99 through the Lakeland website.

Currys TEFAL EasyFry Classic EY501827 Air Fryer – Black

Kidderminster Shuttle: TEFAL EasyFry Classic EY501827 Air Fryer - Black.  Credit: CurryTEFAL EasyFry Classic EY501827 Air Fryer – Black. Credit: Curry

The air fryer has an easy -to -clean design, a 1.2kg capacity and a digital timer that we can’t wait to try.

You can now cook your favorite meals using almost no fat, helping you create dishes that are tasty and healthy.

With a deep grill, an easy -to -use fryer dial, a 60 -minute timer and a bell, there are plenty of features you can try out for £ 89.99 via the Currys website.