Edgerunners Trailer, Release Window, and All We Know It To Be

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For those gamer fans who have fallen in love with it Cyberpunk 2077‘s Night City, there are new events that may be of interest to you. Prepare yourself for it Cyberpunk: Edgerunnersdeveloped by Studio Trigger (Promise). This new anime is perfectly crafted with a bombastic frame-by-frame painting style. It also has a fun storyline built into a mature universe with lots of potential for new heroes and villains.

While the new series promises all the gory and rich action that you can immerse yourself in the game, the new anime focuses on blending in with the real demands of people’s social lives. This futuristic city will get better through a well -crafted anime came on Netflix.


That’s all we know about the anime series.

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When and where is Cyberpunk: Edgerunners Out?

This new series will be released in September 2022. This will be the original Netflix series and is part of an original series that continues to evolve based on the rest of the universe. Luckily internationally Cyberpunk fans, Netflix has very few restrictions for overseas content, and it seems that Cyberpunk: Edgerunner the first 10-episode season will be released simultaneously around the world.

Our first look at it Cyberpunk the series gives us a brief look into both the animation style and some of the darker elements that we want to see throughout the series. This first teaser trailer is quite short with 1 minute and 17 seconds.

Fortunately, we have more than one trailer released for the upcoming series. After the teaser, we also see the Maelstrom gang, which may be more typical of the evil gangs that the protagonists will fight. We also see the nature of body modification, with the Maelstrom gang being on the human side with war modification as well. A bit of gory peekbut that seems to reflect the theme the authors intended:

For that Cyberpunk fans who want to know every detail of the new series, Netflix has released an eleven -minute video with the author talking about the inspiration for the show. He also does a good job of comparing and contrasting anime perspectives and game perspectives, so make sure there are other insights.

What is Cyberpunk: Edgerunners Rated?

Unsurprisingly, the new series is over rated TV-MA in the United States, and in the United Kingdom some episodes are rated at 15 and 18 respectively. For those who want a hard and mature look into other parts of Night City, this series doesn’t pull a single punch. We see one writer praising Lucy’s use of nanowire to cut Maelstrom gang members “like salami” as a perfect scene. In other words, gore anime is a go.

Who’s in the Cast of Cyberpunk: Edgerunners?

Unfortunately, there are currently no details on the voice actor for the upcoming anime. Once that information is available, we will definitely update this article to keep you up to date.

Will There Be Cyberpunk: Edgerunners Season 2?

To date, there has been no official news about the second season for the anime. We have seen that Cyberpunk 2077 just received updates for the next generation of fun and will receive more content so there is definitely a possibility that CD Projekt Red will invest more into this series as the game grows. We just have to wait and see what happens to Lucy and David.

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What is Cyberpunk: Edgerunners About?

Fortunately the writers have given us a lot about what we can expect from the series. The official synopsis for the series is:

A Street Kid tries to survive on the technology and body-modification he wants in the future. Having it all cool, he chose to stay alive by becoming Edgerunner a Mercenary outlaw also known as Cyberpunk.

This description covers some of the basics and we get some insight into some of the abilities and characters that we will be looking at. The first main character we get to know is the character Lucy. Until now, he has been portrayed as an introvert and reticent man who became an Edgerunner for unknown reasons. Lucy is definitely the type of character who is an impressive fighter but with a mysterious background, in a way that reminds me. Agent May from Agent from SHIELD. Lucy has a nanowire mod that allows her to easily cut anything from metal to bone, so we can expect some grim scenes as she fights.

David is the other protagonist, and he is the “street kid” mentioned in the official synopsis. He starts out as a normal person, but eventually becomes a criminal and has a special ability called Sandevistan. Sandevistan is a modification that uses a spinal injection of adrenaline to essentially give David super speed that until now looks almost comparable to a superhero like Flash for a short burst. We see her storm into a room and pick up a girl without anyone seeing her or take some people from a spot-blank without them being able to respond. I’m sure this ability will have some sort of recharge or limitation factor, but it makes David look like a very formidable fighter.

While there will certainly be a lot of fighting at the event, the players also want to pay attention to what they will be using on a daily basis with this technology. In these games, you may not get the modification to be better at dancing, but as an everyday person in Night City, you might be interested in that. One of the consistent philosophies in the author’s mind is to maintain a realistic sense of life in the Night City world for each party.