Flogging Molly Announces New Song Album For September 2022 Release, Featuring New Single “The Croppy Boy ’98”

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Flogging Molly Announces New Song Album For September 2022 Release, Featuring New Single

Celtic punk band Flogging Molly announced September 9, 2022 as the release date of their seventh album. Anthemwhich will be engineered by Steve Albini who worked on his first two albums and, famously, Nirvana’s In the Utero. In addition to his fun declaration, he also released his number two single on the album, “The Croppy Boy ’98.”

Watch the official live video and listen to the song here:

The video for “The Croppy Boy ’98” was recorded on Molly’s Flogging St. Patrick’s Day performance at the Hollywood Palladium. The energy of the audience is alive and crowded, the venue is full of music lovers celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Patrick was the first to be free from the COVID ban in three years. The environment made for a fun video interspersed with clips of the audience clapping and dancing along with the performance.

Join Molly together his first single, “This Time Has Got Me Drinking,” in March of this year without any indication the album looks forward to. Mxdwn author Lauren Floyd described the track as an “interactive and fun single” that “would make Celtic proud of anyone.”

When negotiating AnthemFlogging singer and guitarist Molly Dave King said, “With this record, we’re back to basics in a way that wouldn’t have been possible if we hadn’t played together in over 20 years. I went back to Chicago and did this recording with Steve making the experience so enjoyable and i really believe you can hear that on the record.For Flogging Molly, gathering and playing new songs is definitely the goal-and now we’re excited to start playing those songs live and giving Flogging Molly fans a new era.

The Interrupters will co-headlining tour with Flogging Molly this summer, a tour that began just a few days ago in Indianapolis, Ind. on June 7, 2022. The bands will travel and play for audiences until July 3, 2022, when they will take a break. about two months. The event will continue into the night Anthem released in Denver, Colo. and will finish in Paso Robles, California on September 21, 2022.

When it was five years since the band’s last album, they remained busy. Even before returning to the audience-laden concert venue, they put on concert live streaming from Dublin celebrated Dina St. Patrick in 2021.

Anthem List of songs

  1. This Time I Have Been Drinking
  2. A Song of Liberty
  3. Life begins and ends (but it never fails)
  4. No Last Goodbye
  5. The Croppy Boy ’98
  6. This is my way
  7. (Try) Remain Human
  8. Now is the Time
  9. Lead The Way
  10. This is Today
  11. Farewell Wave

Photo credit: Alyssa Goreng