Fort Lupton’s Molll chose basketball in Florida

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Steve Smith

Not many people can be thankful for anything related to the pandemic.

Fort Lupton’s Conner Moll can.

“Pandemic closes a lot of gyms. I have to find parks and things to go to,” Moll said. “It messes up the recruitment process. A lot of colleges are like, ‘We love you. We don’t have money for it.’ This plays a big role.At the end of the day, it all happens for a reason.

“I’m thankful for COVID now,” he said. “It was hard a few years. It really helped me out.”

Moll signed a collegiate letter of intent May 26 to play basketball and study business entrepreneurship at Keizer University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

“Honestly, I didn’t know about it until my mom found out,” Moll said. “I sent an email out. I was trying to do anything to find a school. My mom was like, ‘Go to Duke University,’ like that. I was like, ‘Let’s be realistic here.'”

Moll went to a Keizer-sponsored camp at Colorado Christian University in Lakewood.

“I really hope to be signed by Colorado Christian so they can stay in the state,” he said. “But I met the coach. You could tell he was watching for me. I thought this might be the place. He certainly did his homework and tried to make it so I could go there. It showed me he wanted me. It’s not an athlete for him to sign. . “

Moll and his mother visit campus.

“She took care of my mom and me very carefully,” Moll said. “We did a lot of things besides looking at the basketball side and the academic side. It closed the deal when we went out there. I was looking at the other two. It was basically not a contest after I found this one.”

Outgoing athletic director Cora Lanter called Moll “a real student and athlete.”

“I see positive people in the hall,” he said. “He never found his way into the office for anything. That’s hard to do as a senior, to keep that calm.”

FLHS men’s basketball coach Jim Roedel called Moll “a leader who has the ability to do whatever he wants.”

“You have friends who care about you. You have a school here that will help you,” Roedel said. “For you to come here, in a city of this size and accomplish what you do here? I’m proud of you.”

Moll wants to start a fashion business this summer. The ultimate goal is to have your own business with your own fashion style.

“I’m not big on Colorado. I love it because it’s my home. And I love Fort Lupton, and it will always be home,” Moll said. “But I want to move to a bigger city. I don’t like the weather here. It’s good in the Sunshine State. I also like the humidity. My parents hate it. Now, it looks like my new home.”

“You’re a great athlete, and you have amazing parents,” said outgoing FLHS Principal John Biner. “No one’s sitting where you’re sitting on your own. You’re really good in the hallway, and you’re really good at watching basketball.”

“I’ve been neither nervous nor scared. I’ve done everything I can to prepare myself for this moment,” Moll said. “It feels like more of an achievement and a pat on the back for all the hard work I’ve put in.”