Kansas basketball coach Bill Self gives an update on the prospects of 7 members of the 2021-22 national title team | Tale of the Tait

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The Kansas Jayhawks celebrated a 72-69 victory against North Carolina in the NCAA National Championship game.

The Kansas Jayhawks celebrated a 72-69 victory against North Carolina in the NCAA National Championship game.
by Nick Krug

On the last “Hawk Talk” radio show of the 2021-22 school year, Kansas coach Bill Self on Thursday night spent some time looking at the Jayhawks national title and the future for some of the players they deliver.

Self said he has watched a double-digit KU-North Carolina title game since it happened in early April and again praised David McCormack’s role in helping win the title, saying again that he believes McCormack’s jersey deserves to hang on Allen Fieldhouse’s single rafters. day.

“These are the last two baskets he made to win that (title) game, I mean they were great boy plays,” Himself said Monday. “David plays at a very high level. Everyone who doubts David – and maybe a time or two that I do – all have to say thank you or apologize. He shows everyone that he can put us on his back and bring it up. us when considered the most.

While the 2022 title team will be celebrated and remembered forever in Lawrence, many of the key players on the roster will no longer be there.

Ochai Agbaji and Christian Braun have signed the NBA draft next month. McCormack, Mitch Lightfoot, Remy Martin and Jalen Coleman-Lands explore playing opportunities beyond college.

And Jalen Wilson, who had several embarrassing rebounds averaged twice throughout the NCAA Tournament, is in the final stages of a stay-or-go decision to jump to pro or return to Kansas.

Talk gave a little update on all of the players during Thursday’s “Hawk Talk” event.

• Himself said that he heard that Agbaji, with a good senior season and strong appearances in the NBA combined and in individual training, has “played himself into a lottery option more than ever.” Not surprisingly, Agbaji has appeared in mock designs in the 14-20 range over the past few months.

• Self noted that Braun, who announced earlier this week that he was keeping his name in the draft instead of returning to Kansas for another season, “explained it well.” Some mock designs have Braun landing in the last few picks in the first round and Self believes CB “may have played in the first round” with strong all-around shows in the joint, from testing and measurements to scrimmages and individual workouts.

• Self said Wilson “helped himself tremendously” in both the G League Elite Camp and the NBA combined that followed. Sources indicated that Wilson’s decision would be closer to the June 1 early withdrawal date – next Wednesday – and Self said Thursday night that he hopes to hear from Wilson “in the next five to six days (about) what he wants to do.” From Wilson’s performance in May, Self added: “He played well. She was really, really good. He himself also said that he has no interest in what the players are doing or not deciding next season. “We have to want him to do what’s best for his life,” Self said. “I feel like everyone is going to make a good decision.”

• Whether the jersey is stuck at Allen Fieldhouse or not, says Self McCormack a chance to make a lot of money playing basketball. “David will go through the process,” Self said. “He played in the G League Elite Camp. He was good, solid. He wasn’t invited to a big merger, but David McCormack had a legitimate chance of being a 2-way player (NBA/G League). They got $ 460,000 if they could stay “He could be an Exhibit 10 guy like (former KU forward) Dedric (Lawson). It’s in the $ 100,000 (per year) range. Or David could go overseas and earn good money,” he said.

• Self speaking KU lifer Lightfoot is also looking at options to continue his playing career. “Mitch has signed up with an agent. He’s looking for a place for him, maybe overseas more than anything. The G League could be a potential option. I would think maybe overseas, to try to make a little bit of money, would be great. I recommend that. .If he can get a good place, see this world at the age of 29. The comments include the last Old Man Lightfoot joke when he walked out the door.Even though he was in KU longer than usual, Lightfoot is still 24 years old and will be 25 in July.

• Self said Martin’s future is likely located overseas, as well. “I feel Remy can kill in certain areas, especially in the Philippines because the team is allowed two Americans. Remy (who has a passport from the Philippines) will not count those two (Americans allowed on each roster) but could be a paid player highest in the league.

• As for Coleman-Lands, who Self says could be a “CEO or billionaire at age 31,” he can still try to play somewhere while continuing to build nonprofit organizations and entrepreneurial spirit. “He didn’t know exactly what the next step was for him,” Self said.