Kolby Huseman’s first Kingwood basketball camp was a success

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Kolby Huseman can remember as a child attending Kingwood basketball camp.

He then helped coach when he attended Kingwood High School and played basketball for Mustang.

“The kids who come to this camp in Kingwood as first graders usually graduate from Kingwood High School,” Huseman said. “We usually don’t have many kids leaving Kingwood. They learned from a young age about our program and are trustworthy. It’s all about building relationships with kids and parents now.”

The new Mustang head coach completed its first Kingwood basketball camp that included first through ninth grade students.

On the second day of camp, Huseman arrived at Riverwood High School in the morning to watch the first and second graders play on the small rims.

Huseman has a former player and is now a referee and coach.

Then the young campers put on Kingwood colored shirts and they were introduced like regular games.

There were comments during the game and the stands were packed with parents, friends and family members watching the Kingwood season.

Huseman has coaches and players at all of Kingwood high schools and at the high school.

His father, Royce, was in Riverwood working with young players and even former assistant Rusty Odom stopped by to help with the four -day camp.

The duo helped lead Kingwood to the state title in 2005 when Huseman was part of the team.

“It’s great that my dad along with the other coaches also helped,” Huseman said. “I know that my dad is here and takes care of the little ones. You definitely want to surround yourself with people you trust with your program. I’m always running around the camp to see all the kids.”

Huseman thanked all the parents after the scrimmage for bringing their children out and looking forward to the future of the Mustangs that will make their way through to Kingwood Drive.

He will get a chance to coach basketball at the alma mater in the fall.

“I remember my little ones here,” Huseman said. “But I still remember when I was little going camping. They may not have been a big deal at the time, but I just remember playing with my friends and having a good time. I can remember watching the older kids and I wanted to be like him.We had a good turnout for the first year and we think it will be great.


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