NBA DFS picks tonight: DraftKings Best Showdown Strategy for Celtics vs. Warriors in Game 2

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Game 2 of the 2022 NBA Finals will take place on Sunday, June 5th. The Boston Celtics pulled an upset in the first game of the series. The Golden State Warriors must win before the series travels to Boston for the next two games. The game will tip at 8:00 pm ET and will air on ABC.

Let’s take a look at Showdown’s fantasy insights for games for contest at DraftKings.

Captain’s Choice

Steph Curry ($ 15,900) – Curry was the man who choked on 21 points in the first quarter of the first game. Unfortunately, they cool almost as quickly as they heat. Curry still finished with a 34 -point lead in the score between the two teams. The offense is committed and it’s hard to see results that don’t match the Captain’s choice for your lineup.

Jayson Tatum ($ 15,600) – If you don’t want to go with Curry as Captain, another logical option is to go with Tatum. Game 1 saw Golden State keying in on him which limited the score. He finished with just 12 points. He added 13 good assists even though it showed that if he was bothered in one area of ​​the game, he would excel in the other. Tatum will be one of the two most productive players in this game in one way or another.

FLEX Plays

Jaylen Brown ($ 9,600) – Brown shone as he called to focus on Tatum. Golden State had to change some strategy because when it closed Tatum, Brown then died. He played 38 minutes into the first game and finished with seven rebounds, five assists and 24 points. They are the most expensive option before Curry and Tatum but have advantages so they can be added to your lineup.

Al Horford ($ 7,600) – Horford had his best playoff game in the Game 1 final. He connected on six of eight three -point attempts and finished with 26 points. It’s likely that it sees a regression in scoring, but should see an increase in rebounding. Horford is consistently a double-digit threat, so he has value for your show roster.

Klay Thompson ($ 7,400) – Thompson fell short of expectations in the first game. Of course, he still finished with 15 points, but only 3-7 from three distance. Thompson also just doesn’t look good and doesn’t produce the high octane violations we usually see. He has a high chance of looking like himself in the second game of this series and returning to value for the Showdown lineup.


Draymond Green ($ 7,000) – Green finished with 11 boards in the first game, but only four points. In the Western Conference Final, he only had more than six rebounds once. It’s very likely that the number of rebounds regress, but if it doesn’t really improve his score, it won’t be worth the addition to your roster.

Robert Williams III ($ 6,400) – Time Lord has an epic nickname but has yet to carve out a role in the Boston offense. Of course, he had eight points and six rebounds in the first game. I consider that a normal output for Williams. It is a heavy cost to result in less than double digits in that category. He often suffers injuries, so there are better options that will be more useful.

Andre Iguodala ($ 1,400) – When it comes to the Showdown lineup, you’re looking for value wherever you can get it. Iguodala is one of the cheapest options that should be seen a second minute. In Game 1, he played 12 minutes and had three assists and seven points. Iguodala is not expensive even at this price, so don’t be tempted.


Golden State surprised in the opening Final and Boston was able to gain early momentum. The Warriors must win this game before the series travels to Boston for the next two games. I had Curry spread out the offensive output and get more help from Thompson. He has time to set up the Celtics offense so Golden State will get an important win.

Final score: Warriors 118, Celtics 105