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Ryan Showman of Kansas Wesleyan has been named one of the Most Impact Women Basketball Coaches at NAIA by Silver Waves Media.

KWU’s son coach Anthony Monson was also named last month by Silver Waves Media.

According to a release from Silver Waves Media, coaches who have been named on the Most Impactful list must have five years or more of head coaching experience, and must average 14 or more wins per season during their career.

Showman only completed 10th the Coyotes ’leading season, ending with a 21-11 overall record and a 15-9 record in the Kansas Conference. He coached a pair of All-KCAC awards in 2022, including KCAC Defender of the Year at Kelcey Hinz (SR/Whitewater, Kan.), And Amanda Hill (SR/Rossville, Kan.). Hinz and Hill were named NAIA All-Americans.

Showman is the most winning leader in Kansas Wesleyan women’s basketball history, with a score of won this season. He was 190-120 in 10 seasons with the Coyotes. The .613 winning percentage has also moved to the highest winning percentage in Kansas Wesleyan women’s basketball history past KWU Hall of Famer Tracy Rietzke who has a .610 winning percentage.

He coached the Coyotes to five 20-plus winning seasons during a career that was highlighted by a 26-6 record in 2020 before the season closed because COVID-19 was just moments after the Coyotes won their first NAIA Tournament game of the season. In 2020, Showman led the Coyotes to the most direct KCAC Championship program in history.

Prior to becoming head coach, Showman was Gordon Reimer’s assistant at KWU. KWU posted a 110-47 record with Showman as assistant coach and a 68-22 record at KCAC. During that time, KWU had a 31-3 record in 2011, winning KCAC that season and also in 2009. Showman also served as a golf coach at KWU from 2007 to 2009.

Showman graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Health, Physical Education, and Recreation from KWU in 2004 and earned a Master of Science in Physical Education from Emporia State in 2008. Showman is a three -year champion on the men’s basketball team under coach Jerry Jones. . Prior to returning to KWU, Showman taught extensively in the Salina school district, teaching physical education at Schilling and Heusner Elementary Schools.

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