What he did most recently in Wisconsin went to the Badgers

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Gus Yalden is getting ready to go home for basketball college. Less than two weeks ago, a Badger State native fulfilled his children’s dreams of Wisconsin basketball.

The consensus four -star prospect’s high school journey has taken him around the country, and he looked forward to last season with Asheville School in North Carolina. However, his origins always led him back to Madison.

A one-time Appleton, Wisconsin local, Yalden grew up admiring the Final Four run put together by Frank Kaminsky, Sam Dekker, and crew as one day he hopes to be part of the Badger basketball lore.

“I grew to be a Wisconsin fan,” Yalden said in an Instagram post earlier this month. “So from Appleton, Wisconsin basketball is just so much more. When they went to the 2015 national championships – you can ask mom – the day after I cried and didn’t go to school because I was so sad.

The four -star prospect has long been at the top of Wisconsin’s wishlist, and with good reason. Within minutes of watching the Yalden tapes, you’ll see a unique bag of offensive tricks coupled with a 7-foot-2 wing. Some players in the 2023 class may display offensive versatility that is comparable to the Appleton natives. He comfortably maneuvers off-ball for catch-and-take threes, can catch-and-dump from his own rebounds, and excels as a scorer and passer with a return to the basket.

The natural question then becomes where does Yalden fit in Wisconsin’s swing offense? This is a fancy question to think about when talking about players who do a lot of things well.

Earlier this week, BadgersWire spoke with a four -star commitment about how he sees the game, his thoughts on fitting in Wisconsin, and what the Badger coaching staff did from an x ​​and o point of view before the decision was made:

How would you describe your game?

Yalden: A versatile great that can’t play basketball at its best. High IQ, willing passer, not afraid of contact (actually welcome it), and I worked hard on a face-up game which will continue to evolve.

What do you want to add before you reach Madison?

Yalden: Obviously my game needs to be worked on, but the focus now that it’s healthy is to speed up the body. On the field, I focus on being a more consistent shooter from three range, high post scores, and perimeter defense.

By the way your skill is set to attack, you can use it in a variety of ways. Do you see ourselves fitting into a clear college role, or doing it all?

Yalden: I’m sure with every practice, every season, and every year, all of my games will evolve. The coaching staff has proven to me that if players are committed to their work, they will thrive. I will always go back to basketball skills to fall back in if we need a bucket. It’s all the other places on the floor that I need to get more comfortable and smart with. I take pride in my team’s defense by taking charge, it will work like a dog on the board, and if I have an open friend I will get them the ball in a position where they can score. I usually just focus on making the right basketball play.

Did they convos with the Wisconsin coach in terms of how they saw you fit on the court?

Yalden: Honestly, they said pretty much there was no position on the floor that I wouldn’t be able to play. In the film breakdown, they show me side-by-side clips of them versus me in pick and play, pick and pop, screen and talent, transitions, rebound and push, low post scoring, hands off etc.

Offensively, there are many opportunities. Defensively, they talked about center push, icing pick and play, hedging, side help, rebounding, being in sync with the other four dudes on the court, and talking straight!

What is your greatest passion outside of basketball?

Yalden: Golf, music, an anti-bully advocate, and also I’m an apprentice prankster.