MotoGP 2022: Joan Mir, “meh” Honda – MotoGP – Ruetir driver

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Not.n Course of public events I can speak extensively with Joan Mir. The 2020 MotoGP world champion meets fans at the Barberino Designer Outlet, where there is also a Dainese store since September: a few hours between interviews, signatures, photos. As usual, Joan was really helpful to everyone.

We haven’t been able to hear from the 24 -year -old Mir immediately after announcing the suspension of Suzuki. How to live in the moment is easy to understand, but the words are interesting.

“The shower is cold – he comments – for me and everyone. It’s really hard to cope with that time and it can be even harder to maintain motivation and concentration from now until the end of the year. Especially for the guys on the team: our riders have learned to separate emotions from riding a bike, they know how to do it enough; but the technicians don’t, this is not part of the preparation. We all did our best, but it wasn’t always enough, and the Le Mans disaster with our fall was certainly unintentional … “

C.the Honda made what? He talked about it, and even though I knew I couldn’t get a real answer, the question had to be asked. Joan didn’t hold back.

“Everyone took it and there were negotiations, but everything was still workable. And it’s not true that Honda was looking for me for months: in fact before Monday’s Jerez test, so before Suzuki’s retirement announcement, Honda didn’t come with me.”

Paco Sanchez, Jan Mir’s personal manager, adds something extra. He admitted that we were close to an agreement with Honda, but strongly rejects the idea that it is done. Eighty percent, he said. Although Spanish newspapers have been talking about other things for some time, Sanchez said HRC had not yet appeared before Suzuki announced its stop. Negotiations began after Jerez.

“Also to honor the other riders involved – said the manager – nothing can be done, at least until there is a contract with all the signatures. In the last few months, we have also talked with KTM, with Aprilia, with everything I want. Nothing. who is serious, and Joan’s only priority is one, to remain a Suzuki driver for the next two years ”.

Suzuki’s retirement announcement was unpredictable, coming as a bitter surprise to all team members. Sahara probably knew that the Suzuki leaders were determined to stop, Paco said, but it was also enough to think that people in this group were pushing to change their minds. Sahara was in the middle, she knew and didn’t know, perhaps she was still hoping. But of course Suppo doesn’t know.

“We are a little surprised because the time has passed, when usually we will come in March or April with an agreement made. But Livio doesn’t know anything, I’m sure. His first offer was almost off, he proposed an engagement to Joan. Close to his first year “We’re in Suzuki. Ridiculous, I’m very angry … But then we’ve come to a figure close to what we wanted, which was the economic agreement in place today. Suppo was very surprised by what happened, as we ourselves, believe.”