MotoGP, Aprilia outscored Espargarò and Vinales, now the turn of the satellite team

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Aprilia decided to start the Grand Prix at home in Mugello by announcing new contracts with Aleix Espargarò and Maverick Vinales. Two Spanish drivers will race at the RS-GP over the next two years: “I never considered another option, stability means performance, and we’re not just talking about two drivers, but two guys who have made a family.” team boss Massimo Rivola said with a touch of pride.

Aprilia at the start of the season had been one of the protagonists of MotoGP and didn’t want to mess up the cards.

“Stability is important Romano Albesiano confirmed Rivola’s wordsChanging riders will be a difficult challenge. I’m proud to continue with Aleix and I’m confident that Maverick will be able to reach that level. I have a very open relationship with him, he is an integral part of technical development ”.

Rivola called Espargarò a ‘captain’ and his loyalty to the shirt was never questioned.

“Of course I have other options, but I haven’t looked at them yet. I used to say that my dreams continue with Aprilia. meIt took a long time to reach this level, much longer than I expected, and now, with the contract signed, I feel calmer and can focus on the goals I will set out to achieve. I know this is huge, but I believe it ”.

Despite a rather ‘spicy’ declaration by the Spaniards (“If Aprilia doesn’t confirm again, this is going to be the biggest nonsense in history.”), marriage was never a question. “Aleix certainly runs full throttle. We’re also happy with her, but I know her blood is black.” mesem Rivola. “He’s the most confident in this job, sometimes he’s very pushy, but he’s right.” ngucapake Albesiano.

Vinales, on the other hand, for the moment, is still in-going to gamble, but he himself first believes in it.

“I’m happy to be able to continue my progress, we’re working hard to get on the podium and win – ujare Maverick – When he gave me this news, I felt proud, gave him more motivation.

Now that the team is up until 2024, Aprilia can think about doubling down. Negotiations with Razali’s team are on and we will know if they will be done.

“Soon we will say whether it will be a yes or no said Rivola- The deadline I have set myself is near, I want to have a second team, Aleix is ​​also pushing for this, but it’s not something we have to do at all costs. This is an opportunity to grow and if we decide to exploit it, we have to do it right ”.

Espargarò grabbed one.

“I want one, even if I can’t explain why – ngaku- On the one hand it will be an opportunity for growth and on the other I feel like the father of this bike, seeing the other two on the track would be a dream ”.