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Espargaro, who is on a record four consecutive MotoGP podiums, the best of all the drivers in the box, looks ready to make that fifth after another good performance in Catalunya.

Although not a much -anticipated performance as Espargaro, the fastest of the weekend, proved unmatched by world champion Fabio Quartararo.

However, Espargaro is still on track for the kind of results needed to keep the Yamaha driver in the championship.

After fighting with Jorge Martin for many Grand Prix, Espargaro was successful in his attempt to check out his Spanish teammates for the number two position. [turn one] before slowly moving away from the Prima Pramac Ducati driver by three laps.

But when the final lap began, Espargaro looked slow in the start-up immediately as Martin and Johann Zarco blasted the Aprilia rider.

When Espargaro waved to the crowd who thought she had earned P2, Joan Mir next came before Espargaro quickly realized the mistake.

When contact was almost made with Luca Marini, the Aprilia rider immediately bounced back to get a fifth in the fifth inning, but the second place sure Espargaro didn’t make a costly calculation mistake.

Although MotoGP riders have three ways to know how many laps there are in a race, but also how many are left, both of which can be very difficult to see.

The first came in the form of a rider bike board, but with MotoGP engines performing at speeds of more than 200mph, and several bike boards being distributed at the same time in most situations, it was possible to see who you were and the information available on it. can be challenging.

The rest is in the form of the rider’s dashboard, and while this is arguably the relatively easiest option to keep track of laps still, it’s not always that simple because of the technology MotoGP engines now have.

So what method does Espargaro use? Well… as Keith Huewen pointed out in this week’s latest episode of the MotoGP podcast, the circuit’s official tower sharing rider information along with race distance is how Espargaro kept count of laps still.

Sympathetic to the Aprilia riders for the unfortunate accident, Huewen said: “It’s sad because there [Espargaro’s) pit crew were; anybody watching TV – have you even done 200mph? That’s the first thing I’ll ask you. On a Motorbike by the way? 

“With the amount of buffering [that takes place] and on a slightly slippery track, you try to read a static bike board with 20 other bike boards all hanging out at the same time because it’s now so close to the race – it’s very difficult to read the bike board. .

“Actually you have a dashboard but again, they are busy riding motorcycles, what Aleix does is watch the scoreboard.

“There was a tower and he saw a countdown that was 1 and he thought it was the last lap, but it turned out to be useless. So he thought he had one lap, but being zero means you’re on the last lap.

“He misinterpreted what the audience board was saying. His bike board was further down the bike lane and a lot of that happened when he needed to see.

“This is whatever he says, and I trust Aleix because he’s not the type of person who would lie. He’s mortified and you can’t blame him because he went from a very nice place.”

‘He’ll get there’ – Huewen expects Espargaro to go on to win the MotoGP title

The next challenge for Espargaro is to put down a costly mistake and show that he can continue the title challenge.

Espargaro remains in a good position to do as such, along with Aprilia’s continued improvement, it has been a very difficult combination to beat this season.

“She’ll be there! I think [mistake] will fire her up, “added Huewen.” Yes, she’s emotional, yes it’s a disaster; any normal person beats themselves up more about their own mistakes than someone else making a mistake against them, in my view. So am I. That will be at the end of Aleix. “

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