The top TT driver was affected when Dunlop canceled the slippery tire

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TRAINING for this year’s TT started last Sunday, but there was more drama when Ban Dunlop announced a dramatic announcement after the North West, where some of the top drivers saw their tires actually damaged.

unlop blamed the problem on the bad collection and assured the rider there were no problems for TT.

With Dunlop tires not being used in either MotoGP or World Superbike, the real test bed of this good tire manufacturer is not there for them, and they have issued this statement before TT.

“We are drivers with care and safety being the first consideration. With a history of success at the Isle of Man TT, we know what it takes to win and set a lap record in one of the most challenging races in the world.

“After the tire conditions experienced by three Superbike drivers on the slippery Dunlop KR108 rear tires on the North West 200, and knowing the importance of giving riders the confidence to do so on the demanding high -speed road circuit, we have decided to cancel the rear tire range. slippery KR108 from the 2022 Isle of Man TT Races and offers the D213 GP PRO rear tire range as an alternative option.

The announcement affected big names such as the world’s fastest road drivers Peter Hickman, Dean Harrison, Conor Cummins, Davey Todd, Michael Dunlop and Lee Johnston.

Michael Dunlop announced that he would be riding Metzeler tires for the TT, and in his first training session there was 19-time TT champion Dunlop setting the pace in the Supersport class at Yamaha’s MD Racing at 124.10mph.

He was number eight fastest in the Suzuki Hawk in the Superbike class with a lap speed of 124.469mph and 12th in the Superstock class after only doing one lap in the MD Racing Honda with a speed of 120.607mph. Hickman’s fastest lap was 126.48 mph.

Hickman’s direct lap record holder, plus 2019 TT Senior winner Harrison, along with Honda riders Padgett Todd and Cummins continued to wear Dunlop tires on Sunday.

Todd recorded the fastest lap of the day on the Superbike with 127.49mph. Newcomer Glenn Irwin and 23 -time winner John McGuinness have been using Metzeler tires after Honda switched from Dunlop rubber before the start of the 2022 road racing season.

Irwin started his TT career well as a newcomer, with a top speed of 122.6mph. He was thrilled with his debut and said: “It’s incredible that you can learn after Derek Sheils, Davy Morgan and Michael Dokupil.”

John McGuinness returned to form on the Honda Superstock, lapping at 124.95, when one of his best performances came in the sidecar session, while newcomers Harry Payne and Mark Wilkes lapped at more than 110mph on the second lap at 37.75 miles. .

Joe Loughlin made his flying debut at ILR Racing Paton with a lap of 114,992, while Cork rider Mike Browne, who came out first since a bad crash in Cookstown, lapped at 120,282mph.

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