Football star Andy Carroll was caught in bed with another woman a few weeks before marrying TOWIE star Billi Mucklow!

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Weekend football star Andy Carroll came to Dubai to “gatecrash” his fiancé Billi Mucklow‘s hen-do (bachelorette party AKA). The former England striker, the big star who originally signed £ 35 million with Liverpool in 2011, is engaged to him The only Way is Essex star for eight years, and they were finally only five weeks away from saying who I was. If she could live in a bachelor party …

The pair all smiled as Mucklow referred to the dual trip as a “STEN-do” (a combination of hen-do and stag-do), but the excitement unfortunately didn’t last long …

Andy seemed to have had a bit too much fun (and a bit too much booze) during his celebration. Because that morning he ended up fainting in bed with another woman! And there is photo proof!

At Snapchat this week’s post, Carroll appears asleep with his face smashed into a pillow, next to a blonde woman who isn’t Billi!

andy carroll snapchat in bed with bar manager
(c) Snapchat/Taylor Jane Wilkey

Apparently, the woman in the photo was the bar manager when Carroll’s wild night was named Taylor Jane Wilkey. She uploaded a selfie with her fiancé Billi, along with some other photos from the night, and they went straight viral.

But Wilkey was quick to defend himself. She spoke with him Sunsaid that there was a lot of alcohol involved:

“It was after the wedding. I was all back at the hotel. There I was, Andy and my girlfriend. I didn’t sleep with her, it wasn’t like that, there were three people in the room. It was a full day and night of drinking, we’ve been at Cove Beach since 12, it’s a really boozy day. Andy is steaming, we’re all drunk. “

Wait … be a friend there too ?! Why didn’t his friend take a photo with Carroll? Hmm.

The 27 -year -old then said:

“We went back to Andy’s hotel room and played music and he fell asleep and died. I was there with my friend until morning and took a photo as a joke. My friends at home invited me down, so I took the picture to laugh at and sent it to him. “It’s not sexual. It’s just a joke.”

So … he didn’t sleep with her? And he took a photo with an unconscious man… where he looked naked… as a joke? And she posted it on Snapchat for her fiancé to see what? LOLs ?? Seriously ?!

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they”humor”Was uploaded again when he also uploaded a photo of himself wearing his father’s personal robe.

The reason she wore a robe was that she wanted to sleep. She said she took off her dress in the bathroom and put on one of the former West Ham player’s bathrobes for comfort.

But if it’s really all about comfort, why does he then go on a selfie showing his name embroidered on his clothes ?!

andy carroll robe worn by taylor jane wilkey in a hotel suite
(c) Snapchat/Taylor Jane Wilkey

You’re telling me that a £ 500 hotel per night doesn’t offer regular robes? Should he wear it ?? Hmm ..

Carroll’s TOWIE a star fiance sent in on her Instagram the story of his McDonald’s airport leaving Dubai. There is no sign of a footballer in the story, although it was reported that he left Dubai yesterday, and was “expecting a frosty reception” from the bride and groom.

He captioned the photo:

“How to end the best weekend ever …… .. #whentoonbecomeone”

billi mucklow crita instagram mcdonalds dubai
(c) Instagram/Billi Mucklow

Remember, this is after the picture comes out! So we think the “best weekend” is sarcastic at the moment ??

Neither Andy nor Billi commented publicly about the “STEN-do” or the occurrence of the virus after returning home. But we hope to hear about it soon! Like, say, five weeks from now ??

[Image via Instagram/Andy Carroll/Snapchat/Taylor Jane Wilkey]