Of course Caulfield would love to get one over in the City

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The Premier League division of Ireland will benefit from Galway United and Cork City. Unfortunately, there is only one place guaranteed at next season’s top level for a team in this year’s First Division.

This could be one of the two, which are dominating this year. Tonight, they meet at Deacy Park and although the results won’t determine who will lift the league trophy, the psychological impact could be huge.

Game time will make a victory for all the sweeter ones. A win over a major rival before the mid -season break will give him great confidence, and the loser will ask if he is good enough to win the promotion.

I still find it hard to take Caulfield’s comments from the past three weeks seriously – when he labeled City an “overwhelming favorite” for the league. Is he trying to treat the players as underdogs to reduce the pressure he can feel?

I was skeptical. one; because I don’t think his players are naive enough to believe the comments. And two; because he knows Caulfield, he will try to convince the media and other states about one thing while telling other players.

What Galway managers really believe is acceptable for a team with the biggest budget in the division, possibly the best team, and the most successful manager to see himself as an underdog to a side with an insufficient budget, a young squad and a manager only in season second who is responsible for the first team?

Maybe he’s trying to add pressure on this young City side. Maybe Colin Healy’s players might feel the burden they want and start stuttering?

But these City players have been under pressure since the start of the season. He has to entertain the thousands of supporters who go to Turner’s Cross every week, who get to not only win football, but also an interesting football brand. So the words of a competing manager will not have a lasting effect.

Caulfield is a proven winner who will do anything in his power to help the team win, even if there is little comment. Players should appreciate it. He will always fight the player’s edge and try to relieve the pressure, even if his actions are often a gesture rather than a serious action.

After managing and playing for the club, I have no doubt that there is a place in Caulfield’s mind for City, but he is still happy to win the title, and who can blame him.

This was a successful man for many years for Leeside, including twice in 2017, but was still released by the club.

From previous comments; it’s the same saying that the Galway manager doesn’t have most of the relationship with the City Board now at the end of his time at Leeside. Of course he will get good satisfaction at the top of a club that is not considered a good place to continue his role at City.

It was the same when I returned to face City with Shamrock Rovers. I was considered not good enough to play at the club, and even though I had and had a strong affiliation there, I was desperate to prove the manager wrong. Apparently, I had a horrible game and the manager’s decision was justified.

Caulfield against City as Galway manager was not the biggest, only winning one of four meetings. That came at the start of the season, an undeserved game Galway won, even though they played the majority of the second half with just ten men.

Caulfield will watch the game several times this week and will try to make a similar game plan.

Although not an “overwhelming favorite” for the league, Galway will be the favorites for tonight’s match of these two heavyweights. She has been very nice in the last few weeks and I have been good since the last meeting. At home, the responsibility will be on Galway to take the game to City and earn three points.

I’m sure City will also travel with the goal of winning the game. But if you give him a point now, he’ll take it.