River Plate vs Alianza Lima LIVE: Score Update (6-0) | 05/25/2022

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7:29 PM a few seconds ago

72 ‘

times change. Barco and Simón replaced Palavecino and Pochettino.

7:29 PM a few seconds ago

71 ‘

Simon’s cross, but the ball is so big.

19:24 PM6 minutes ago

65 ‘

Barco shot, but the ball bounced off the defense.

19:12 PM18 minutes ago

54 ‘

Goals, goals, goals for River! Julián stole the ball from Campos and eventually dropped the ball to score a fifth time.

7:11 PM19 minutes ago

53 ‘

Goals, goals, goals for River! Simón took advantage of the rebound and sent the ball to the back of the net.

7:04 PM26 minutes ago

47 ‘

Cover! Fernandez’s shot and the ball hit the pole.

7:03 PM27 minutes ago

45 ‘

The match started again for the second half to begin.

18:47 PM43 minutes ago

45 ‘

At the end of the first half, a score for the host team.

18:42 hours ago

41 ‘

Goals, goals, goals for River! Julián Álvarez received the ball outside the box, sent a deadly shot into the middle and scored a hat trick.

18:40 hours ago

38 ‘

Álvarez looked for a goal to score the third goal, but the referee gave him an offside mark.

18:34 hours ago

32 ‘

Fernandez’s shot was powerful, but the goalkeeper saved it well.

18:25 hours ago

23 ‘

Barco crosses, but Campos intervenes in the trajectory of the ball.

6:19 PM hours ago

17 ‘

Goals, goals, goals for River! Álvarez once again appeared inside the box and swept the ball to score twice and doubles.

6:17 PM hours ago

15 ‘

Goals, goals, goals for River! The ball was filtered to Álvarez, who eventually scored the first goal of the evening.

18:15 hours ago

13 ‘

De La Cruz came in with danger, but Vilchez beat him.

6:06 PM hours ago

5 ‘

Armani intervened and kept the ball after Alianza’s attempt to open the score.

18:00 hours ago

0 ‘

The action begins at Monumental

5:58 PM2 hours ago

Alliance: LineUp

A. Campos; R. Lagos, Y. Vilchez, J. Portales, P. Míguez; A. Rodríguez, J. Concha, J. Ballón, O. Mora; H. Barcos, E. Benítez.

5:58 PM2 hours ago

River: LineUp

F. Armani; E. Mammana, P. Díaz, H. Martínez, M. Casco; E. Fernández, E. Pérez, S. Simón, E. Barco, N. De La Cruz; J. Álvarez.

5:51 PM2 hours ago

to court!

Both teams take the field and warm up before the kick-off of the match, which is about to begin.

5:46 PM2 hours ago

Ning house

River Plate is already at Monumental, where they will be looking to close the Libertadores group stage on a high note.

5:41 PM2 hours ago


Alianza Lima is already in the Argentine building, tonight they will try to close out their participation with a victory.

5:31 PM2 hours ago


Fans have begun to feel his presence at Monumental, eager to encourage the team to find another victory to close the group round on high.

5:26 PM2 hours ago

Alliance Lima Statements

Arley Rodríguez, a visiting player, said before this duel: “This is going to be a tough match against River Plate, we came with all the motivation, because in the local tournament we have several matches in a row. The Apertura tournament, which is very important to us and us will face this match seriously, it will be a good, spectacular setting, because the Monumental stadium always has, and a great opportunity to show off ”.

5:21 PM2 hours ago

Heavy casualties!

Bruno Zuculini will not be able to play in this River match, the player tested positive for COVID and was isolated.

5:16 PM2 hours ago


River Plate celebrates 121 years of existence today, the Argentine team will be looking to celebrate this great event with a victory.

5:11 PM2 hours ago

We’re back!

Good evening, we are back for minute -by -minute coverage of the match between River Plate and Alianza Lima. We will immediately share with you the most relevant information about both teams as well as the confirmed line-up.

5:06 PM2 hours ago

Follow the live broadcast of River Plate vs Alianza Lima.

In some time we will share with you the starting lineups for River Plate vs Alianza Lima live, as well as the latest information from Estadio Monumental. Stay tuned for live coverage of the match on VAVEL.

5:01 PM2 hours ago

How to watch River Plate vs Alianza Lima Live Stream on TV and Online?

4:56 PM3 hours ago

River Plate Statements

16:51 3 hours ago

Alianza Five last lineup

M. Soltillo; F. Medina, E. Ciucci, L. Trejo, R. Aguilar; A. Solís, K. Peña, J. Bazán, A. Ascues, E. Ramírez; R. Ovelar.

4:46 PM3 hours ago

Last River Plate lineup

E. Centurión; E. Mammana, P. Díaz, H. Martínez, M. Casco; B. Zuculini, N. De La Cruz, A. Palavecino, E. Fernández, E. Barco; J. Álvarez.

16:41 3 hours ago

How did Alianza Lima sign up?

4:36 PM3 hours ago

How does the River Plate sign up?

16:31 3 hours ago

The match will take place at the Monumental Stadium.

The River Plate vs Alianza Lima match will be played at the Monumental Stadium located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The stadium has a capacity of 72,054 people.

4:26 PM3 hours ago

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