The Extra-Time goal secured NYCFC a place in the Open Cup Quarterfinals

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JAMACIA-QUEENS, NY- In the round of 16 match of the U.S. Open between NYCFC and the New England Revolution, an Extra-Time goal from The Pigeons secured victory and saw New York City advance to the Quarterfinals.

The extra-time goal secured NYCFC a win over New England

The quiet first round saw opportunities on both sides

NYCFC would manage the first shot of the game goal, winning a 13 -minute corner to be taken by Andres Jasson. With Jasson floating a cross to the penalty spot, Thiago Andrade would come flying for a free -bounce header on goal and first saved by Djordje Petrovic before a secondary save from Serbia to keep the score even at the start.

Esmir Bajraktarevic, 17, was about to take the Revolution lead in the 44th minute when he found a cross inside the area from Justin Rennicks but immediately crashed into NYCFC goalkeeper Luis Barraza to close out the half.

No team can secure victory in Fulltime

New England would speed up the second half in the 49th minute, getting a fairly deep throw into the NYCFC defensive area. A little turnover from the throw would be won again by Damián Rivera who would dribble just inside the 18-yard box and cut to the right to avoid the defender, his shot would be just saved by Barraza and push inches wide of the post.

Coming in the 58th minute, it would be Thiago Martins to have the depth for NYCFC and play the perfect ball between the two Revolution defenders into a run from Malte Amundsen. With one touch and a cross from Amundsen, Talles Magno will be up to meet with a head try again saved by Petrovic.

The Pigeons ’extra-time goal secured the win

It won’t be long before NYCFC can get through as Valentín Castellanos takes the ball from a bad touch from Andrew Farrell of New England in the 94th minute ET. Reaching the goal with Farrell chasing, Castellanos would slide the ball in the box to Héber who then flicked it to Santiago Rodríguez. Dribbling between the two defenders, an unbalanced shot from Rodríguez would eventually overtake Petrovic to give NYCFC a 1-0 lead.

New England wouldn’t be easy down, but almost responded in the 96th minute when Matt Polster swung the ball into the wing to outside Brandon Bye’s back. With the ball crossed at a close post, a touchdown from the Rennicks would have entered the net but would have been quickly canceled due to offside.

The Revolution would start the extra period of Time twice by getting a chance in the 119th minute as Farrell found replacement Wilfrid Kaptoum on the wing, who then beat the NYCFC defender to the touchdown line. The unbalanced cross of Kaptoum will only float near the post for an effort by Gustavo Bou that requires another important save from Barraza and will mark New England’s last chance to retreat.

Last word: Who is ready for New York Darby at USOC?

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While many of the major players rested on both sides, offensive output was slightly less in the first half. This is especially true for NYCFC, which fell one shot short of New England doubles in shots and shots on goal. There, we certainly have the opportunity for both teams to capitalize on but also some incredible performances from both goalkeepers at Petrovic and Barraza who played a major role in bringing this game into Extra Time.

Just after pulling off a win, NYCFC will advance to the U.S. Open Cup Quarterfinals to face local rivals the New York Red Bulls for the New York Derby that will be played during the Cup. This Quarterfinal match will be held at Red Bull Arena in Harrison, NJ on June 22nd.