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Wood County senior Christian Ben Weekley, center, signed with Fairmont State University Monday to join the school’s cross -country program. Also pictured are his parents, Nicky and Dave Weekley. (Photo by Kerry Patrick)

WILLIAMSTOWN – Of the five sports Ben Weekley mails in as a student -athlete in Wood County Christian, he shouldn’t see himself competing in cross -country at the next level.

A few years have passed since seniors competed in the fall activity, but after returning from a series of injuries over the past couple of years love to run back out this spring during the track season. In the middle of the schedule, he began training about obstacles. When the Class A state track meet came, Weekley was in third place at 110 high odds and fourth showing at 300 odds.

The desire to run and the success he created brought back memories of ninth and 10th grade when he represented WCCS cross -country. On Friday at the signing ceremony, Weekley announced that he will be participating in a cross -country program at Fairmont State University.

“I definitely have an interest in cross -country – I did it in sixth grade, but moving to the next level in cross -country was a bit unexpected,” he said. Weekley said. “I definitely love football and think that there is an opportunity to play in college.”

Rehab through a broken tibia, knee surgery and a stressful fracture with his leg limited Weekley to goalkeeper on the field over the past two seasons. After returning to full health during the track season, he turned to some hurdlers down the road at Williamstown High School for training tips. Practical from meet to meet, Weekley sets personal bests and creates new school records.

“Ben has a lot of natural abilities,” said WCCS male and female track coach Dave Weekley, who is also Ben’s father.

“We just want to drop him off and see what he can do. It’s three to four more weeks to complete the track and he can be very competitive.

“We’re happy with third and fourth place by just running five weeks this season.”

In addition to cross country, track and boys ’football, Ben played several seasons with the WCCS basketball team, and started in other languages ​​and bathed over .300 as a freshman for the Wildcat baseball team.

“Running has been Ben’s secondary sport so far this year,” Dave Weekley said.

“We definitely teased him about how both of his families are very involved in the track and being good runners. This track season is about, do we have time to make him work athletically?”

“The summer will be done so he can work at the base. And improve without causing harm.

Of course, there was no comparison between the distance Ben set across the country compared to the odds. However, the legs have been moved and Ben has a family gene that can be carried.

“He had a Falcon Day that we attended in college – he had a lot of classes and we went to one for the NCAA,” he said. Ben said. “I was like, I might as well try and participate. When the track season came, I knew I wasn’t ready to give up my athletic career.

“Oh yes, I’m ready for heavy training. I gave myself a week after the state track met really making sure I was clear. Then I’ll start running. A change in miles is going to be a nice change. It’s going to be intense, but it’s also going to be possible. arranged.

Ben Weekley’s field of interest at FSU focuses on civil engineering. The long -term plan is to enter a master’s program for engineering management.

“I’ve been to Fairmont State for a variety of academic events – I love campus,” he said. Ben said. “It’s a weird little town. I’m very excited about the academic aspect and the athletic aspect.

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